Gimme Calcium Chocolate Candy
Gimme Calcium Nutritional Facts

Gimme Calcium™

Now you can get 50% of your daily value of calcium in one great tasting candy. We start with .a crispy crunchy ball of rice and drench it with the best milk chocolate that's been infused with TruCal® calcium. Then we seal in all this goodness with a thin candy shell with no artificial colors. The result is tasty, nutrition and satisfying! Purchase Gimme Calcium® from our friends at the

Gimme Calcium™ All-Natural Candy


Gimme Omega 3 Dark Chocolate Candy
Gimme Omega 3 Nutritional Facts

Gimme Omega 3™

We all need to get more omega3 fatty acids into our diets. Now you can get a delicious healthy dark chocolate candy with 350mg of Omega3 in every serving. Introducing gimme omega3™. Every serving contains an excellent source of ALA Omega3 from ground flax seed that's blended with a rich, 45% Cacao dark chocolate. The result is a sweet, indulgent and satisfying bite-sized candy with a real nutritional benefit.

To learn more about ALA Omega3, see the wiki page for more information:

Gimme Calcium™ All-Natural Candy


Gimme Probiotics Chocolate Candy
Gimme Probiotics Nutritional Facts

Gimme Probiotics™

Everyone knows that probiotics are necessary for a healthy digestive system but they're not always easy to get in your diet. Now you can get your probiotics in a delicious dark chocolate candy. Introducing new, gimme probiotics™ with 1 billion active cultures in every serving. These bite-sized dark chocolate candies have a crispy rice center that's dipped in chocolate that's infused with real probiotics such as Bifidobacterium Longum and Lactobacillus Helveticus.

If you're interested in learning more about these probiotics, please see the Wiki pages:

Gimme Calcium™ All-Natural Candy


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